In an interview with Steve Muelhausen of DAZN, Drew McIntyre was asked to reflect on his past year in regards of adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic. McIntyre, scheduled to take on Bobby Lashley on Night One of WrestleMania 37, is quite pleased overall.

“I’m very proud of the last year,” McIntyre said. “Obviously, I dreamed of winning the title at WrestleMania and getting that big reaction from 80,000 people, family, friends, and my wife all there. That moment being in every highlight video for the rest of time and getting those reactions at every show afterwards and enjoying that period.

“But realistically, we’re in a time that nobody could possibly have predicted, and I was able to win the WWE Championship right at the height of everything going down when every other sport shut down. And then WWE decided we were going to push ahead and keep everyone entertained and give everyone a constant. I was going to be the guy that represents the company. I was so grateful at that moment. Everything happens for a reason. My journey and all the lessons I learned prepared me.

“I’m so proud of everyone on our roster for busting their butts last year and finding new ways to connect with the fans. I was so proud of everything I’ve been able to do as a champion and stepping up for WWE, and the fans, but also what all of our different rosters are different shows have been able to do just to keep everyone entertained.”

Another UK based wrestler, new IWGP World Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay called McIntyre out just days ago for a match. A former opponent of his during his independent run, McIntyre spoke highly of Ospreay and the progress of the UK wrestling scene.

“I’m very familiar with him,” McIntyre said. “He’s a very, very talented individual, and I’m very proud to see how far he’s come and how far British wrestling has come. From the day I was released from WWE and gone back to the UK, I started seeing the level of talent we produced and how much things have changed since I was last there. I was blown away, and that’s when we started getting the British invasion all across the different independent companies.

“Will was one of them; him, myself and few other Brits started traveling the world doing the PWG’s. Myself and Will had a great match at What Culture Pro Wrestling. I’m very happy to see his succeed.

McIntyre didn’t answer Ospreay’s challenge directly but revealed they had been in contact.

“I spoke to him privately after I saw him calling me out. I will not reply publicly (laughs) but I’ll just say I’m very happy for him. If we had that match, he knows I would take the back of my hand and smack him if it was in real life (laughs).

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