Mickie James Says She Had Been “Comfortably Uncomfortable” In WWE Recently

A week after her release from WWE, Mickie James is ready to tell her story. Yesterday James joined her regular podcast, Grown Ass Women TV (or GAW TV) with SoCal Val and Lisa Marie Vachon (former WWE star Victoria and TNA star Tara) for their 50th episode. James touched upon WrestleMania weekend.


"It was crazy because I wasn't even supposed to be at WrestleMania," James said. "I was just supposed to do TakeOver, which was awesome, it was fun. I did the playback, I did the pre-show, I did all kinds of stuff. then I did some commentary with Vic (Joseph), it was so fun.

"So I was on the shuttle, going from Orlando to come back home. And I get the call telling me 'we need you. We want you to come to WrestleMania or whatever.' I was like 'oh okay. Cool. But my flight is literally about to take off in fifteen minutes.'

"I could've tried to pull my bag off but we've pulled luggage off of flights before. It's a pain in the butt, then you sit around for a few hours waiting for your bag them, right? So I flying home and then flying right back to Tampa and going out there. I was onstage when Bebe Rexha sang 'America the Beautiful.' It was awesome. Then I watched Sasha and Bianca's match backstage, which was cool."


James then touched upon her release. The former WWE Women's Champion mentioned tweeting a Simpsons Quote of the Day featuring an employee getting fired.

"It's been an eventful week I should say," James admitted. "Obviously now I'm not with WWE. I was 'future endeavored' on the Thursday and such. Did you guys see my Simpsons tweet?! It was so stupid funny, I can't."

James noted that despite the tweet, she was thankful for her WWE career.

"I don't ever want to feel like I'm not thankful or not grateful. Because I've had so much fun. And the girls in the locker room, it's like I'm grateful for so many experiences and stuff.

"But I honestly feel, in the last two years, I've been really, what was the term? Comfortably uncomfortable. In the sense of like, I feel like I've been trying to be pigeonholed or fit into this little square mold of  like 'this is what you want me to be and this is what we want you to believe that you are.' And I'm just not that.

"It's just been a lot. It's been heavy for the last two years. I feel like I've been in this little space."

Before James could go further, SoCal Val announced that they had run out of time. She declared that James would discuss her release from WWE, in full, on the next edition of GAW TV next week.


You can watch the full video below.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit GAW TV with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.