During an appearance on Pardon My Take, WWE’s Triple H was asked about former WWE 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski. He revealed there have been talks for the Super Bowl winner to appear at WrestleMania 37.

“It’s a possibility. I know it’s been discussed,” Triple H said. “I’m of the opinion, based on the first opportunity with Gronk, you don’t know what Gronk’s going to do until he does it.

“You can have a lot of conversations but until he actually shows up I don’t know if it’ll actually happen. So there’s been conversations around that, but there’s always going to be celebrity influence.

Triple H then turned towards a celebrity confirmed for WrestleMania, Bad Bunny. He had nothing but praise for the man scheduled to team with Damian Priest to take on The Miz and John Morrison.

“It’s incredible,” Triple H said. “It’s funny to me because I think a lot of people look at Bad Bunny and go ‘what is he doing? I wish WWE wouldn’t do that or whatever.’ This is one of the guys from a celebrity standpoint that’s been a huge fan. I’ve met him a few times and I knew he was at that level of fandom. But he dedicated himself to the idea that he was going to do something with WWE. He picked himself up, moved to Orlando and has been at the PC every day, going at it.

“I see people online saying ‘first time he takes a bump in the ring he’ll be done with it.’ That was a long time ago. He is tearing it up in the ring every day. So when people say he’s taking up a spot, he’s earned my respect and the spot that he has.

“He doesn’t need to be doing this. It’s a dream for him. He’s like a little kid getting the opportunity to do what he’s dreamed of. But he’s not just getting the spot because he’s an international music star; he’s earned every second of it.”

Later Triple H was asked about the most ridiculous item in the WrestleMania budget. Once again it came back to celebrity involvement.

“Years ago my entrance music was done by Motorhead,” Triple H said. “And I remember walking into their dressing room and it was like I was in a liquor store. There was so much booze in there, and then a little tray of some ham and carrots. Every booze imaginable on shelves and piles.

“It always just baffled me. Sometimes the things, when celebrities come in, that they require. One time a celebrity required us to have a bus for them on set. Even though we had locker rooms and dressing rooms, it had to be a bus. And then he never went on the bus.”

You can watch the video below.