Britt Baker Responds To Critics Of Her Wrestling While Being A Dentist

AEW's Dr. Britt Baker DMD joined Busted Open Radio to promote AEW's Double or Nothing PPV Sunday. Co-host Bully Ray asked Baker if she believed she was now the "face of AEW", as he believes, and Baker does think that's the case.


"I do," Baker answered. "Maybe not at first but now I've made myself completely undeniable. You can't turn the channel when I'm on TV, you listen to every word that comes out of my mouth. I demand a presence, and that's essentially what the company stands for. When you need somebody who you can't look away from, and that's what I am.

"It's because I believe 100% in every word that comes out of my mouth. I'm not wracking my brain for something to think of, I'm not telling a lie. I'm telling you the gospel truth and what I believe in my heart and my soul. So when you're that confident in what you're saying, you don't look away. You tell it exactly what you're thinking."

Baker is famous for being both a pro wrestler and a practicing dentist. She admitted it bothers her when people say she's not committed to wrestling because of it, when she believes it makes her work harder in both professions.


"I get kind of pissed off when people point out the fact that I have two careers and use it against me saying 'oh she's not committed to wrestling,"' Baker said. "No I am, I'm just that much committed to another career too. I have no time off. So when the wrestlers are at home for the week, enjoying time with their families, going out, going to parties, I'm working. I just don't have time off. I put just as much, probably double the time into professional wrestling as anyone else. And that's why I'm the face of AEW."

Bully asked her if she currently wanted to be a pro wrestler now more than she wanted to practice dentistry. Baker was clear she had enough time for both, but does consider wrestling more of her focus right now.

"Now more than ever I definitely feel that," Baker said. "I always say that dentistry keeps me grounded, because the wrestling world we live in is crazy, we have our alter egos and whatever. So dentistry keeps me grounded, but dentistry I have forever. I can be a dentist when I'm 70 years old if I want to. Right now is my time to be a professional wrestler. So I consider myself to be a full time wrestler and a part time dentist. I can only work three days a week in the office with our road schedule. So I think now is my time to focus my life as much as I possibly can 100% on wrestling. But I'm superhuman, so I have more than 100% in the tank. So I have some percentage left over to give to the dentistry."


Baker also talked about her Lights Out match with Thunder Rosa back in March. Not only does she believe the match put her on the map, but she believes it proved that she was ready to become the AEW Women's World Champion after two years of chasing gold.

"I think everybody that's a professional wrestler, a goal is to be respected," Baker said. "By your peers, by the people you look up to, by the fans, it's to be respected. And I feel like I drew a lot of respect out of people in that match. And that's better than any championship title you can win. With that being said, that match I think was the final stepping stone I needed to prove that I'm ready for the title. It's my time and I'm going to have the title."

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