Carmella Was “Rocked” By WWE Releasing The IIconics

In an appearance on The Bellas Podcast, WWE star Carmella commented on the recent release of The IIconics, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Carmella and Kay teamed together at WrestleMania 37 for a shot at the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles, and the former Smackdown Women's Champion was looking forward to doing more work with Kay. Like the Bellas, she's now confused as to why she and Royce are gone.


"I think everyone was," Carmella said when asked if the release shocked her. "I don't know what the right or wrong thing to say is. All I can speak from is my experience and we were super excited for this story.

"I felt like 'I'm done with this whole sexy gimmick they want me to do or try to be sexy.' Which is fine and it's fun to be sexy, but I wanted to show my personality more. I wanted to show a little bit more of a fun side. And I was really looking forward to doing that with Billie. Our entrance alone, she was cracking me up. She was so funny. I was really looking forward to where that was going to go. And obviously, unfortunately, we can't do that any more."

Carmella also noted that Royce and Kay were two of her closest friends on the roster, and said that their releases "rocked" her.


"Those two were some of my closest friends since I've been here, since they got here," Carmella said of Royce and Kay. "So this was the first time I was like really rocked by a release. I was like 'wow. These are my friends. They're not just my co-workers."

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