In an interview with Sam Roberts on the Notsam Wrestling podcast, Drew McIntyre discussed the weather delay prior to WrestleMania 37. One year after the pandemic led to McIntyre defeating Brock Lesnar in front of no fans at WrestleMania 36, the former WWE Champion joked this was a sign that maybe he was cursed.

“It was pretty unbelievable. That whole day in general,” McIntyre said. “It’s like ‘okay, we’re doing this. This is great.’ And then seeing the weather happen. I remember there was a particular moment I was walking past the arena, the fans have to get evacuated. And I’m looking out, it’s pouring down and I was like ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.’ Someone stuck a mic in my face and was like ‘how do you feel?’ and I was like ‘I feel this has something to do with me fighting for the title! Last year it was fighting for a title in a world wide pandemic, this year we’re going to get rained out.’

“Eventually we get on stage and obviously I was supposed to be at the front of the stage. Somebody had taken my spot and I was like ‘perfect.’ Because I was trying not to look at the crowd. I didn’t want to get that proper feeling from the crowd, I didn’t want to feel it till my entrance, which I knew was first. So I tried to blend in as best I could. So I was out there, we did the intro and as soon as we were clear I was the first one in the back. Everyone’s passing me and I’m hearing we may have to get delayed! So the rage is starting to come over me. Everyone’s passing me saying ‘get ’em big man! Start us off!’ And there’s this rage in my face because they don’t know we’re going to be delayed.”

McIntyre noted that while he was frustrated, he was approached backstage to cut a promo. McIntyre obliged, but admitted that he had to keep his language in check.

“Finally everyone’s passed and I ask ‘what the f**k is going on?’ Sure enough we’ve got this delay, and we’ve got this amazing staff from top to bottom, especially in production. And they’re instantly just ‘okay, what do we do?’,” McIntyre said. “They run and grab me and say ‘Drew, we need you right now.’ I was like ‘where we going?’ So I’m walking with them not really sure what’s going on. Then I see Lashley and MVP talking and they’re like ‘go crash that.’  And I’m like ‘okie dokie.’ So I get into the shot and it crossed my mind ‘we’re live on WrestleMania right now.’ I got in there, I was so in the moment. I know Lashley was so in the moment, pre-workout is flying, adrenaline is flying. And we get out there and we get into that promo.

“I’ve watched it back, that forty minutes or whatever it was, and I really enjoyed just how real it felt. Because it was real and I think we could do with a little more of that on the show. Just going what feels right and speaking from the heart. Obviously you have to control yourself sometimes. I really had to watch my swearing, I was very conscious of that. But I really enjoyed that part. And then I’m pacing like a maniac until it was time for my entrance, and that’s when I finally walked out and looked up properly for the first time. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t close to tears during that entrance.”

McIntyre came up short against Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship in that match. When asked if that meant he was still chasing a WrestleMania moment, McIntyre confirmed that was the case.

“Absolutely,” McIntyre said with a laugh. “That moment with the fans, that’s going to be part of my story. A lot of people say ‘oh my goodness Drew I can’t believe you never won. You deserved this, that moment with the fans!’ or whatever. But as I was lying there after the match, and I heard the crowd was shocked almost and Lashley was standing there, I thought to myself ‘wow, we’ve made another superstar. This is great.’ We need top level superstars really bad. As many as we can make. And Bobby is now a top level star that he’s always been destined to be. Him and MVP together are magic.

“And for Drew McIntyre the character, like, I mean I’ve been on top. Thankfully I’ve been lucky to get this platform, these opportunities for a long time. But my character, I’m not Superman. I’m not made of metal, I’m not from another planet, I don’t overcome everything. People know my story, I’m flawed,  I am the Batman.

“I think that’s what makes me more relatable. Sometimes I’m going to fall and fall hard, and that includes failing at WrestleMania. So how do I deal with it is, I guess, more what’s interesting for my character. And to stay relatable as a big guy, and at the same time make someone like Lashley I think is very important.

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