Some WWE talent are apparently disappointed with John Cena for apologizing to China for calling Taiwan a country, according to Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast.

Zarian, who recently broke the news of WWE returning to touring in July, tweeted on Tuesday, “This John Cena apology is NOT going over well at WWE right now…”

When it was noted that Cena might have backstage heat for the apology, Zarian replied, “Disappointment is more the word I heard coming from some talent.”

Zarian later added, “The apology bothers [WWE] because they didn’t issue it. It was outside pressure that they have no control over… A lot of the chatter from non executive level status was negative. Personally I don’t know what the boards opinion was but I have heard it’s not positive”

Cena has reportedly been in talks to return to WWE TV on the July 16th episode of SmackDown when the company resumes touring.

The 16-time World Champion received backlash from the Chinese media for referring to Taiwan as a country, during an interview to promote Fast & Furious 9. In his apology message posted on the Weibo platform, Cena said he “made one mistake” and he was “very, very sorry” to China and the people of China.

As reported earlier, CM Punk trolled Cena on Tuesday by changing his bio to “Taiwan is a country.”

Meanwhile, WWE Hall of Famer JBL has defended Cena, pointing to Cena’s philanthropic endeavors and “incredible track record of making the world better.”

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