Over the weekend, debate has raged over who the best wrestler in the world is, with AEW’s Kenny Omega being brought up along with WWE stars Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. Amidst the reactions to this debate, AEW’s Matt Hardy offered up perhaps the most reasonable take in response to a fan.

“Solid and fair take,” Hardy tweeted. “As people and performers, I like Kenny, Randy and Roman. They’re all very different, but awesome at what they do. Kenny catches flak cuz of his past & over the topness, but there’s no denying he’s currently killing it, especially considering the AEW style. He’s special.”

The debate began after AEW commentator Jim Ross stated on Grillin JR that Randy Orton was the best wrestler in the world. Ross also directed praise towards Omega, saying he wouldn’t argue with others calling him the best. AEW star Chris Jericho chimed in to call Omega the best wrestler in the world, followed by Omega tweeting his support for Jericho’s statement while also taking a shot at Jim Cornette, toxic fans and allegedly Ross himself.

Hardy earlier had tweeted in support of Omega, calling fans who didn’t understand how special a performer Omega was ‘out of touch.’ He followed up by saying that it was alright for fans to not like Omega’s style, while reiterating his earlier point.

You can see Hardy’s tweet below.

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