During a back-and-forth with Jim Cornette, Matt Hardy used some recent TV ratings as evidence that people are very much tuning into AEW. Cornette has not been shy about his dislike for AEW’s product, often criticizing the promotion on his podcast and through social media.

“Your principles will always be tested by people who care more about fame than integrity or money instead of what’s right,” Cornette wrote to Hardy earlier this week. “Cash in & be a w***e, or stand up for what you believe in and have a bunch of stupid idiots say you ‘can’t change.’ Words of wisdom. Also don’t do stupid s***.”

Hardy reminded Cornette that as much as he hates AEW, Cornette will continue to watch to fuel his “shock jock gig.”

“My principles have never been better, Jim,” Hardy responded. “I believe in enjoying life & providing the absolute best for my family. That’s what I’m doing. I’ll keep doing that regardless of you. You ‘hate’ & are done with @AEW? You’ll keep watching. You have to. It fuels your shock jock gig.”

In the comments, an individual called Hardy’s initial “Broken” Matt presentation on AEW as “silly and stupid.” Hardy pointed to recent TV ratings, which showed fans are still enjoying the promotion. Last month, WarnerMedia touted an episode for averaging 1.219 million viewers — the most since AEW’s debut in October 2019.

This past week’s show, which featured a Blood and Guts Match between The Pinnacle and Inner Circle, drew 1.090 million viewers and was ranked number one on Wednesday’s Cable Top 150 for the first time ever.

“People love @AEW, dumbass,” Hardy wrote back. “#AEWDynamite WAS THE #1 TV SHOW ON CABLE THIS WEEK! I know you CAnon bootlickers have to follow archaic beliefs & spew these things, which happened over a year ago. AEW is here to stay. Let a friend know via telegram/rotary phone & spread the word!”

Hardy is scheduled to team with Marq Quen against Dean Alexander and Dillon McQueen on Monday’s Dark: Elevation.