The IIconics Talk Possibly Signing With AEW Or Impact Wrestling

Even though the IIconics have recently been released from the WWE, there's still moments from their tenure they look back on fondly. In an interview with Busted Open Radio, both Billie Kay and Peyton Royce described the feeling of winning the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 35.

"It always gives us goosebumps when we talk about it," Billie said. "It was so special. I mean, to have a goal to get to WWE together, and then to reach that, then have a goal to help climb the women's tag division and to do that. But then to also win the championships at WrestleMania, like not many people can say they won a championship at WrestleMania. So we were just so grateful, and it was like the highlight of our career. Everything we worked for came down to that one night.

"I remember walking out and just seeing a sea full of people. And Cass was next to me, and we're holding hands walking to the ring. And I was like 'wow, this what it's all about.' Fifteen years in the making came down to that one match and it was everything I could've hoped for. It'll probably make me cry if I ever watch it again. Really special."

"It was just so special," Peyton said. "And then with Elimination Chamber prior to that, for the inaugural championships. That was such a fun match for us, but I think in that moment we wanted to show more. Just because we had been so vocal about helping to pioneer this division. We wanted more for it. So when WrestleMania happened we were like 'holy freaking cow.' I really believe everything happens for a reason. So knowing what happened at WrestleMania, obviously I know everything happens for a reason.

"And I would not give anything for that moment we had at WrestleMania. In front of fans too. I feel we take that for granted now. I look back and I'm like 'wow, we were so lucky we had fans.' Just the emotion and the atmosphere when Jess pinned Bayley. That moment was so special and I never felt like, my body just drained of everything. It was just a lot."

When asked what their next move was, Peyton revealed that the two will be continuing in wrestling together as a team. She also discussed the duos latest venture, the podcast Off Her Chops.

"We definitely want to stay together. We want to move forward together," Peyton said. "Just like we said in the first episode of Off Her Chops we're just most comfortable together. We can play off each other so easily. We don't even have to talk about what we're going to do. We just go out there and it just comes naturally to us because we have so much history together. I think like when it's organic like that it's obviously better than when its scripted.

"So we definitely want to move forward to character. Off Her Chops, we're so excited because we've been wanting to do this podcast for awhile. So it was like the first thing when we found out we were getting the sack, we were like 'let's do the podcast!' And we kind of got moving on that straight away. So (we're) so excited about that."

Billie revealed the podcast was something her and Peyton had planned on doing for awhile, with their releases giving them the time to explore it. She also reiterated the duo's plan to stick together upon finding a new company.

"It's something we've wanted to do for a long time," Billie said. "And now that we're unemployed we have the time to do so. But it's been a lot of fun, a lot of work goes into it but we're enjoying it. Yeah, we want to stay together. We'd love to work for any other company. It's just we feel we can help a tag team division at whatever company we choose to go with or reaches out and stuff. That's something we can help, because we still love tag team wrestling. That was our goal all along to build up tag team wrestling and women's tag team wrestling up. We'd love to do that for any company."

When asked which promotion the IIconics would be interested in, both said the decision would be a tough one. Both Peyton and Billie however made sure to reference two particular promotions that they'd be interested in working with

"I think it's tough," Peyton said. "For example; AEW. I feel like we could really help their women's division, though they don't necessarily have a women's tag division. But I feel we have that TV experience that we could bring to the division and help build that up. And then with Impact they have a women's tag team division, as well as an established Knockout's division, that I feel we can easily slip into. So it's like, I feel like we have a lot to offer both of them and, I don't know."

Billie concurred with her partner, while also talking about how fun of a time period this would be. Ultimately she and Peyton want fans to be guessing on what their next move may be.

"It's tough," Billie reiterated. "It's tough to figure out where you think would be the best fit because we are wrestlers, but then we are heavily personalities and character. And we love that. So I think it's just blending the two like we always have, and just figuring out which company we'd be better with, AEW or Impact.

"That's the fun thing. There are so many possibilities and that's what's exciting to us. There's the possibility of an Aussie trio (with Tenille Dashwood), there's possibilities for us being a tag team somewhere else. There's just possibilities and we have to keep it exciting. We still have awhile before we can do anything so we're just trying to get the most information that we can and figure out the best move for us. And I like to keep people guessing, keep them on their toes."

Wherever the IIconics wind up, it will for sure be a situation where both are coming in and not just one.

"We're a package deal," Peyton said. "We're going to move forward together."

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