The Young Bucks React To AEW EVP Infighting Rumor

During this past Tuesday's Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, Pro Wrestling Torch's Wade Keller and Pro Wrestling Net's Jason Powell discussed a rumored spat between AEW EVPs, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

"We're gonna learn what a very short honeymoon period there was between certain key people in the company, who aren't even talking to each other anymore," Keller said. "I think we're gonna find that out."

Since the rumor has begun making the rounds, The Young Bucks posted a new bio on their Twitter account that says, "Currently not on speaking terms."

You can read more of Powell and Keller's conversation here. There hasn't been confirmation of any heat between the EVPs, but Dave Meltzer reported on the Wrestling Observer Board that "nobody isn't talking to each other."

Meltzer continued while Omega and The Young Bucks are close friends, Rhodes has more of a business relationship with the other three.

"Cody is more of a business relationship with the other three but it's not an adversarial one in the least and all have the same end goals which is to build a company that sustains and grows," Meltzer wrote. " They have different philosophies, but everyone in wrestling does based on when you grew up, where you grew up, and your life experiences. But Tony runs the show and ultimately it's the Tony philosophy. All want a diversified approach and you can argue whether that's good or bad but that is what they all seem to agree on."

In other Young Bucks news, Matt and Nick Jackson changed their profile photo to Christopher Daniels taking a BTE Trigger on this past Wednesday's Dynamite. Daniels and Frankie Kazarian lost to the AEW World Tag Team Champions and had to disband as a tag team forever.

Next Wednesday, The Young Bucks defend their titles against Varsity Blonds (Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison). Their current header photo is Pillman Jr. taking a selfie, and their previous bio said the following:

"Watched the Pillman Dark Side of the Ring ep. Didn't cry once. Pillman Jr., you want to be a tag champ like your old man? Lol. Not happening, bud. See ya Wed."