Tony Khan Got Major League Version Of “Wild Thing” For Jon Moxley

In his weekly appearance on Busted Open Radio, AEW President Tony Khan talked about trying to make AEW the best working environment. Khan said the keys were trying to keep things light and most importantly, great food before and after the show.

"It's a great place to work," Khan said. "I'm proud of that. We try to make it a great place to work and make everyone happy off camera. I try to make it a good show for the fans and then when the show's done, however it goes, I try to make it a good trip every time for the people who come. By making it a great work place, by trying to keep it fun and light, and also by having great catering before, and especially after the shows. I really believe after everyone puts in the good work to have really strong catering. It's something I think people really appreciate. You can underrate that. After a long taping or a great show, there's nothing better than great catering."

After Khan talked a bit about the Jon Moxley-Yuji Nagata match from last week's show. In a day full of AEW news, he then revealed one last bit of information regarding Moxley's music for tonight's episode of Dynamite.

"Now here's a fun story," Khan said. "He (Moxley) did not know I had 'Wild Thing.'.. And I've got some more news for you. I pulled something else off in the last week. I got the Major League version. We got the Major League version. We nailed it last week but I love what we have. And it's actually kind of cool and immortal, the Nagata match we'll always remember the Troggs, the classic version.

"I think it was perfect for that night, cause Jon didn't know it was coming. Then after, the adrenaline when he was coming in, he didn't get to think about it much. But after he was like 'was that a flute?' Then he was like 'oh man that's awesome.' I saw him after and he was like 'that was pretty cool'."

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