Jungle Boy Reveals What He Would Like To Improve On

Days before he challenges Kenny Omega for the AEW Championship, Jungle Boy joined Busted Open Radio to talk about his big match. Host Dave LaGreca wanted to know if entering the main event picture had caught Jungle Boy by surprise.

"Yeah," Jungle Boy said. "I guess, coming into it, that's like the dream of what you want, kind of just for it to take off like that. But you know, we're a little over two years in now, and it feels crazy from the beginning to now. I'm on the main event of Dynamite with Kenny Omega. That's something a couple of years ago I think would've not seemed possible. So it's really cool. I feel, especially, in the last couple weeks since the fans have been back, things have kind of just gone faster than they were before. So it's been interesting."

Jungle Boy also touched upon his entrance music, "Tarzan Boy" by Baltimora. After confirming previous details he had given about the song, he went into detail at how Tony Khan had told him he'd get the song and how it helps calms him before matches.

"Tony always said to me 'I'm going to get you that song one day,'" Jungle Boy recalled. "And I didn't take it very seriously. I thought that would be cool, but whatever. And I always said 'if you want to, that would be great. But I'm happy with what we're doing now.' And he'd always say I'm going to get it, I'm going to get it. And then, at the beginning of this year, he just had this big smile on his face. And he said 'I got you the song.' And I was like 'no way. That's crazy.' I hadn't heard it in a long time.

"I get so nervous before I go out there. A lot of people are cool and collected and I'm not at all. But now, the second I hear that song come on and from the back I can just hear the roar, kind feel the building shake a bit. It takes a lot of those nerves away. And I got out there and people are having a great time and singing. It makes the whole thing a fun experience, pretty immediately."

Later Bully Ray asked Jungle Boy what he would like to improve on. While his ultimate goal is to become a better overall performer, there is one skill Jungle Boy knows he's lacking in.

"I'm not a promo guy at all," Jungle Boy said. "That's never been something I've been super into, probably because I'm not that great at it and it's not something I've done a lot of. And I can definitely feel that's kind of a weak point in my game. So I'd like to improve that. Just kind of being a better, well rounded wrestler all together."

When asked if he had gotten any advice on how to improve with promos, Jungle Boy revealed that he mostly tries to avoid them as much as possible. That said, he did reveal that people have offered him pointers, including one of AEW's top producers.

"Honestly, every time they ask me to do it, I kind of try to duck and run away and not have to," Jungle Boy said. "A lot of people have given me advice here and there. Actually our producer, who ends up being the one filming a lot of them, Jess Palombo, has actually helped me a lot. Cause she's there all day, filming people cutting promos. I think when the time comes to really buckle down and get good at it, there are a lot of people who are good people to help. So that's good."

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