Bayley Names Which AEW Star She Would “Love, Love, Love” To Face

Bayley recently sat down for an interview with Alistair McGeorge of Metro to promote the upcoming episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Unfortunately, Bayley will not be wrestling on the show as she suffered an injury that will keep her out an estimated 9 months.


During the interview Bayley discussed what wrestlers she is interested in stepping into the ring with once she returns. But she didn't limit her list of talents to just the WWE, as she names an AEW star as someone she would be excited to face.

"I have so much respect and some history with Serena Deeb," shared Bayley. "I would love, love, love to be able to have a match with her one day. She helped me so much in my early career to get to SHIMMER. That would be so awesome."

Bayley didn't limit her list to currently active competitors, as she names a WWE Hall of Famer as another desired opponent. She also listed various NXT and NXT UK talents as well as a former Raw Women's Champion.

'Always since a kid, Lita was a dream opponent," admitted Bayley. "In NXT, I've always wanted to work with Candice. I've only ever been able to team with her.


'So, I would love to have a match with Candice LeRae and Dakota Kai. Kay Lee Ray from NXT UK, Meiko [Satomura] who's the new NXT UK Women's Champion. Even Rhea, having Rhea on Raw is pretty awesome so I would love to have a match with her."

Bayley pointed out that she only has so much time to complete all these matches, and that there are a variety of other factors. She pointed out that even despite recent WWE releases, which she admitted hit her hard, there is still plenty of high-level talents in the company.

"There's a lot of people I wanna be able to have these matches with. There's only so little time,' noted Bayley. "It seems like our roster is a little shorter right now, but there's still so many girls that could have these dream matches. Hopefully some time down the line!"

When discussing the matches, Bayley stated that it doesn't matter to her where a dream match might take place. She notes that some of her best matches were never even filmed. She recalled one of her favorite matches that she had with a future multi-time WWE Women's Champion that took place at an NXT live event.

"I've had some of my favorite matches that nobody will ever see on TV," exclaimed Bayley. "The first one I can think of is our first show out of Florida with NXT, the first time we travelling outside of the state.


"It was in Columbus, Ohio and I wrestled Charlotte. Ric Flair was out there with us, he managed her. That was our first time out and the crowd was so ready and so insane and so there for everybody.

"But being out there with Charlotte was so fun, and having Ric there, just him reacting and feeling everything from the crowd was great as well."

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