Orange Cassidy Admits He “Never, Ever” Saw Himself Becoming A Big Star

AEW's Chuck Taylor, Kris Statlander, Orange Cassidy and Trent of the Best Friends joined Busted Open Radio today. The conversation drifted all over the place, from Statlander's pet Boots to Trent's recent injury to Orange Cassidy's biggest fan being Zack Sabre Jr. In between Statlander also talked about teaming with Cassidy next Wednesday to take on The Blade and The Bunny.

"I'm excited that we finally get to have us teaming for once," Statlander said. "In the past, on the indie scene, we have teamed before. So I'm excited to reignite the friendship. I mean we have the friendship already, obviously now, but now it's we get to show everyone what we can bring to the table when we combine forces."

Later Cassidy, who has gone from an indie sensation to one of AEW's top stars, was asked if ever saw himself becoming as big a star as he has. In a rare serious moment, Cassidy answered in the negative.

"To answer your question without getting too much into it, no," Cassidy said. "Never ever. I just put a denim jacket on and started wrestling. You know, whatever happened, happened."

"I'll tell you my favorite part about Orange Cassidy, having known him for more than ten years now," Taylor chimed in. "I think everyone thinks, and I've never said it before, everyone thinks he's this overnight success. Like 'oh wow, and then he was the most popular guy.' I watched him flounder on the indies in front of fifty people who either didn't give a shit about him or hated him for years upon years. And it was basically just to make us laugh. Seeing what he's become now is shocking. If you had told me ten years ago 'oh yeah. You can buy his toy at Walmart', I'd have been like 'no. No you can't.'"

Cassidy was also asked about getting to wrestle in front of fans again, starting this Wednesday at AEW Road Rager in Miami. He's excited about it, mainly because it will allow him to wrestle less than he did during the pandemic.

"I had to wrestle more, which I wasn't a fan of," Cassidy said. "But luckily during that time, a bunch of people like Chris Jericho and the great Brodie Lee, they pissed me off hard enough to make me actually wrestle. Now that the people are back I can, you know, get back to doing what I want to do, which is more of nothing."

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