Danhausen Reveals What CM Punk Named His Version Of The GTS

Ring of Honor star Danhausen appeared on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette recently. Danhausen detailed how wrestling legend CM Punk gave him permission to use the GTS as his finisher, KENTA's involvement and Punk giving the GTS a new name, strictly for Danhausen.

"CM Punk, wonderful fellow, gave Danhausen the GTS as his finisher," Danhausen said. "And then KENTA got a little angry at him. But then he said he does not care who uses it except for CM Punk. So Danhausen got two blessings as far as he can see it. And he (Punk) named it as well. He named it Very Nice, Very Evil."

Continuing to refer to himself in the third person, Danhausen detailed how he first became a wrestling fan. It all started after him and his father were flipping through channels one night and came across a replay of WWE's Bad Blood PPV from 1997.

"You know he liked comic books and horror movies," Danhausen revealed. "Started watching those at a young age, who'd have thought? And what else? We discovered wrestling when Danhausen was about six or seven, something like that. It must've been a recap of some sorts on Monday Night RAW. Danhausen and Dadhausen were flipping through the stations. But it was a flashback to Bad Blood 97 where Kane was ripping off the door. And there were red lights, he looked like Jason sort of from Friday the 13th. Then he ripped it off and destroyed that Undertaker fellow."

Paquette then asked Danhausen about the "beef" between him and her husband, former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley. According to Danhausen, it all stems from a special issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

"So Danhausen was promised the #1 spot, as he remembers, on the PWI 500," Danhausen said. "And then Danhausen got his own issue, because he was excited, and was filming this video. And then noticed that your husband was on the cover, and that Danhausen was in fact not #1 but was in fact #158. And it was a one Jon Moxley who was #1."

So will Danhausen be able to settle things in the ring with Moxley any time soon? It appears it may have to wait a year, due to Danhausen's contract with Ring of Honor.

"Danhausen is allowed to do independent shows," Danhausen said. "But he cannot do other television shows. Maybe next year. Who knows?

Paquette then pointed out how Danhausen has become more well known for his character work than his wrestling. She feels that his wrestling ability isn't talked about enough, something that, oddly enough, doesn't bother the ROH star.

"Danhausen takes that as a compliment," Danhausen answered. "Because Danhausen has found a way to make an audience without them having seen his wrestling. Every single time Danhausen was at a show, his merch line would have people in it. And they'd say 'hello, this is my friend, so and so. They do not like wrestling, but they showed them your videos and now they're a fan. And now they're buying tickets to the show and they're seeing other wrestlers do they're thing.'

"So that's Danhausen's goal is to do that. But Danhausen's new goal, because I think we have gotten pretty successful at doing that, is to try to mix back in the Gargano's and the Ricochet's. Recently Danhausen wrestled Mike Bennett. It was Danhausen's favorite and probably best match of his career. Because this fellow went toe to toe with Danhausen and we just beat the crap out of each other. Danhausen wanted to show he can still go as well as be an entertainer. Especially because Danhausen is in Ring of Honor now."

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