Ethan Page On How It Has Been To Work For AEW

AEW's "All Ego" Ethan Page joined Oral Sessions recently, guest hosted by recent Oral Sessions guest Danhausen. The ROH star wasted no time asking the tough questions, pressing Page on why he's suddenly turned evil.


"What do you mean what changed?" Page asked rhetorically. "I've always kind of been a piece of shit with people I dislike. And Darby Allin is definitely one of those people I strongly dislike. He also only paints half his face. I only like to be friends with people who paint all of their face."

That criteria doesn't extend to Sting however, especially given Sting's friendship with Page's nemesis Allin. As such, Sting is the first legend Page would like to take out while in AEW, though he's by no means the last.

"If Sting keeps his nose in my business I have no problem whipping his ass for the rest of his career, which I'm sure won't be that long," Page said. "But more legends? I don't know because there's so many backstage at AEW. I feel like just watching around, Ego's Edging like Arn Anderson into catering. Like that would be entertaining. Jake the Snake gave me a clothesline on my debut. I did not like that so I owe him a bit of a receipt."


Later Page asked Danhausen which teams he'd like to see Page and Scorpio Sky take on in AEW. Danhausen brought up the Best Friends, prompting Page to start ranting about their good pal Orange Cassidy.

"See I would love to beat up Orange Cassidy," Page said. "It pisses me off that he's cornered the market on denim, especially since he's not Canadian and he wears a Canadian tuxedo on a regular basis. And I want to wear more denim, but I feel like if I do all the little nerds online are going to be like 'oh you can't wear that. That's Orange Cassidy's outfit.' And it pisses me off because I am a man of fashion."

After all the joking, Page decided to close out his appearance with some significant praise for AEW. He called working with the promotion the last few months a life changing experience and unlike anything he's ever experienced in wrestling.

"I do want to give a big shoutout to AEW," Page said. "I've only been here since about March but it's been a life changing experience. The way the company treats talent is something unlike I've ever experienced before. I hope one day, not to cause any kerfuffle on the internet, I hope you get to experience it one day Danhausen. It's insane to me to find a company that puts the company first. I think more people should be talking about it. And I would love for people to check out my vlog, because I think I give a little bit of a glimpse to that side of it."


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