Jon Moxley Says Domino’s Pizza “Needs To Chill Out”

AEW star Jon Moxley joined Cincy 3:60 to promote AEW's upcoming show in Cincinnati, Moxley's home town, on September 8. Moxley talked about watching newer AEW talent like Miro come in and make an impact, something that the AEW talent has done all around.

"I mean it's awesome to kind of just watch everybody step up to the plate and get a hit," Moxley said. "We're all on the same team ultimately. It's great. There's so much positivity going on right now. We knew there would be, when we first talked about this before it even was a thing, I remember talking to Jericho and was like 'we're just getting on a raft and we're just going down the river. We have no idea what turns, rapids and waterfalls or flying monkeys are going to jump out of the trees at us. We have no idea what's in store, good or bad.' This whole thing over the last couple years has just been a crazy, awesome ride. To see people succeed is just like, every single time, more positivity in the bank man."

Moxley was also asked about his rival Nick Gage and his AEW debut this past Wednesday at Fight for the Fallen in a No Rules Match against Chris Jericho. He described it as a collision of two worlds, one that Moxley thought led to creating a memorable match.

"It was awesome," Moxley said. "I don't think I've ever been more excited or nervous to watch a match ever. I know both of those guys from two different periods of my life so well, and those two different universes I would've never imagined merging. It was like 'what? Am I doing some drugs that I didn't remember that I took right now? What's going on with the world right now?' I was standing back there with Eddie (Kingston). We were watching on the monitor and he's going up for the Frankensteiner and we're like holding hands, like 'oh my god.' That match freaking ruled man. That was awesome."

One thing Moxley wasn't positive on was Domino's Pizza. The pizza chain has received criticism from fans after they threatened to pull ads from Dynamite following Gage using a pizza cutter as a Dominos add played on picture and picture. Moxley echoed that with a simple message for Domino's; lighten up.

"Domino's Pizza needs to chill out," Moxley said. "They need to chill man. It was a coincidence.

"You know what? Jump on the bandwagon man. You don't think Nick Gage can sell some pizzas for you? Come on. You know that the Noid is played out at this point and you're bringing back the Noid? Come on."

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