Actor Stephen Amell joined Busted Open Radio this week to promote his upcoming wrestling TV series Heels, debuting on Starz August 13. Having last stepped into the ring at All In, Amell talked fondly of the show and compared it to WrestleMania moments that he was fortunate enough to attend.

“When Cody came to me and told me about All In, because people ask me if I’ve participated in AEW and I’m like ‘well, yes and no.’ You guys would probably know better, but I kind of think of All In as almost like AEW in the womb,” Amell said. “Before it came to be and was on TNT and all that stuff. But that atmosphere and that night. I brought my buddy Josh to walk out to the ring with me, he’s the only one I know who’s a bigger pro wrestling fan than I am. And the people that were there, the people that were coming by the dressing room, either to say hell or just to get into their gear. We were sitting there at one point and Earl Hebner walked in, and I thought Josh was going to have a heart attack.

“But what an amazing night. There are moments in pro wrestling, I feel like I’ve been apart of three of them. I feel like All In was a moment, and then I was in the house for Hogan-Warrior WrestleMania 6 and then Hogan-Rock WrestleMania X-8. I put All In up there with those two moments, because it really did change the landscape. It’s been about twenty years or so since McMahon bought WCW and not quite ECW, but when they folded in. The landscape of pro wrestling is better when there’s more options for people, and I love what AEW is doing. So to be a part of that and to work with a guy like Christopher Daniels, who is a legend, was amazing. Just amazing.”

While he enjoyed the experience, Amell isn’t satisfied and revealed that he wants to have another wrestling match. He revealed he also was done with just being a celebrity guest wrestler and suggested a change of character.

“I’d be lying if I hadn’t said that I hadn’t been poking and prodding Cody and stuff like that,” Amell said. “It’s time for me, not just for the show, for the namesake, but just in general it’s time for me to take a heel turn. I’m sick and tired of just being the celebrity guest spot who’s happy to be there. It’s time for me to take a steel chair and just kick the s**t out of somebody.”

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