It has become a tradition for AEW fans to sing the lyrics to “Judas” as Chris Jericho makes his entrance for matches. One thing fans hadn’t done however was sing the song acapella. Until tonight that is.

With Jericho banned from using “Judas” has his entrance music or the Judas Effect as his finishing move in his Dynamite match against MJF, the Houston, Texas crowd took it upon themselves to serenade Le Champion to the ring. The first ever AEW Champion was seen smiling for several minutes during and after the entrance, while MJF was shown seething.

The moment served as a sort of climax to the phenomenon of crowds singing “Judas”, which began on the January 22, 2020 episode of Dynamite on the Chris Jericho Rockin’ Rager At Sea cruise. The trend has continued ever since then. Unfortunately for Jericho the fan response wasn’t enough for him tonight, as he would ultimately lose the match to MJF after submitting to the Salt of the Earth.

You can watch Jericho’s entrance below.