Chelsea Green Believes It Would Be “Insane” If Top Female Free Agents Don’t Wind Up In AEW

Opportunities for women are "endless" outside WWE, says Chelsea Green. That's why she was determined to work with as many wrestling companies as possible — without being locked to any in particular — after exiting NXT.


"It's really cool that I'm 'fired' at this time, so I'm able to do all this," Green said during an exclusive interview for The Wrestling Inc. Daily.

Since departing WWE earlier this year, Green has worked with Ring of Honor, returned to Impact Wrestling and on Sat., Aug. 28, appears the NWA EMPOWERRR all-women's pay-per-view. Though she expected push-back from each of those companies for refusing exclusivity, the star admits all three have been beyond accommodating.

"I thought I would have to fight for that, but I did not at all," Green confirmed. "Ring of Honor, Impact and NWA were all so welcoming!"

After arriving unexpectedly in ROH, Green told audiences she was unable to wrestle — but did exactly that the next week at Impact's Slammiversary. Now she main events EMPOWERRR, which brings together NWA, AEW, ROH, Impact and top indie talents in St. Louis.


"Hey, you kicked me to the curb," she said of WWE, "But I have a million opportunities that I'm able to capitalize on, and we never had these opportunities before."

The same goes for other recently-released WWE stars, Green says. Though they are "probably trying to surprise us," she is certain familiar names will pop up sooner rather than later, going so far as to say Impact is ripe for it.

"There are so many people coming in and out of Impact, the opportunities are really endless there," she stated. "We could see Ruby [Soho, AKA, Riott]. We could see The IIconics. We could see any of the females being released from WWE come through the Impact doors at any moment, and that's pretty cool too."

However, Green said, realistically "some of these girls have to end up at AEW." Green says not only does it seem a no-brainer, it would be a definite win for the company.

"It would be a travesty if they didn't; AEW can totally gain from those faces," she stated. "We all love to watch them. We all know them. We know they're great workers."

While Green knows AEW is a likely destination for some, she holds out hope to see old friends in other places too.

"It would be insane if some of them didn't end up there," she concluded, "But I hope and I pray, we get them at NWA, Ring of Honor or Impact."


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