Former WCW and WWE star Diamond Dallas Page is looking to help out a member of law enforcement. According to Law Officer, the retired wrestler and founder of DDP Yoga is holding a special fundraiser in honor of Carrolton, Georgia native Rob Holloway, a local police officer.

“Rob is a true American hero who put his life on the line to keep the rest of us safe,” Page said. “Now it’s time for us to return the favor.”

Holloway was shot, along with two other officers, during a pursuit in May of 2020. The special fundraiser will see DDP sell a shirt, reading “Unstoppable” with a badge number below, to raise money for Holloway, who is still recovering from his injuries. Page has announced 100% of the proceeds will go to Holloway.

DDP, who recently underwent stem cell treatment, has long been a supporter of law enforcement, particularly to first responders. His DDP Yoga program is offered to all first responders at a 50% discount compared to normal price.

You can watch a video telling Holloway’s story below.