Renee Paquette Gives Update On Her WWE Non-Compete

Fans might not have to wait much longer to see former WWE personality Renee Paquette return to professional wrestling. The superstar indicates contractual obligations preventing her from working elsewhere will expire soon.


"My non-compete with WWE is nearly up," Paquette shared during part two of a recent The Wrestling Inc. Daily exclusive interview that aired today.

After eight years with the multi-media giant, the former "Renee Young" left WWE in 2020 shortly after SummerSlam. Though she returned briefly for a WrestleMania watch-along in April, the interview confirmed it was a one-off event, and Paquette is no longer employed by the company in any capacity.

"I still have a good standing relationship with WWE. There's no ill-will or bad blood or anything like that," the broadcaster said emphatically.

Noting the door remains open for possible, future collaborations between the parties, Paquette has largely focused elsewhere since departing. In that time, she launched successful podcast Oral Sessions and became a mom.


Lately she's been increasingly interested in projects which "bridge the gap" between wrestling and her other creative interests. Those include everything from potential television opportunities to Messy In The Kitchen: My Guide to Eating Deliciously, Hosting Fabulously and Sipping Copiously, her cookbook published in May. Wrestling, she promised, will always be somewhere in the mix.

"I don't ever want to separate myself from professional wrestling," she assured.

"I know that's where my fanbase comes from; I know that's essentially going to always be my bread and butter — and I love that,"  Paquette stated. "I love professional wrestling, so I'm not looking to 'get away' from it by any stretch."

Many fans, obviously, expected Paquette to follow her husband Jon Moxley to All Elite Wrestling. Though the Canadian-American says the couple's careers are not "married," she does not rule it out.

"Looking at AEW, I think there are endless opportunities of other things I could be doing over there, if that was to be something that came up down the line," she said, "I've honestly not put much thought into it."

As unbelievable as that might seem, the fact she was contractually prevented from working with any wrestling company other than WWE unquestionably played a role. Now, though, with the non-compete clause coming to an end, that could change at any time.


"That's interesting to be like, 'Oh, wait! I can do wrestling things again!'" Paquette concludes, "That's just been off the table for me for so long."

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