Renee Paquette Gives Update On Her Relationship With WWE

Confirming she doesn't "work with WWE at all any more," Renee Paquette says both side have left the door open for periodic returns.

"I still have a good standing relationship with WWE," Paquette assured fans during an exclusive Wrestling Inc. interview, "There's no ill-will or bad blood or anything like that."


As "Renee Young," Paquette explored countless on-air opportunities within WWE. Starting as a backstage interviewer on NXT, she eventually became the first woman to call Monday Night RAW, hosted a variety of pay-per-view kick-off and WWE Network broadcasts and was seen on Total Divas for more than a half-decade.

After eight years with the company, last year's SummerSlam became Paquette's final broadcast as a full-time employee. In April, she returned briefly for a WrestleMania watch-along, "but that was it.

"It was time for me to move on, time for me to start doing some new things," Paquette explained the decision to leave in late 2020.

"Within that time, [I] made a baby and got 'Oral Sessions' up and running," she said, mentioning her successful podcast. "A couple other things I've got on the back burner slowly moving toward the front burner — the burner we all like to use."


Paquette plunged back into work only six weeks after giving birth to Nora, her daughter with husband, AEW star Jon Moxley. It's a challenge, she says, learning to balance her career and life as a new mom.

"I feel like the wheels have already started spinning really quickly," the Canadian-American confessed.

Admitting to sometimes question the decision to return from maternity leave so quickly, Paquette is "figuring it out" as she goes. Of her career, she says: "I definitely don't plan on taking my foot off the gas pedal.

"My career is still very important, and it's very important to me to maintain working and having a busy schedule and sort of chasing my own dreams, because I want her to see that," the broadcaster said of the message doing so will send to her infant.

"I think it's really important for [Nora] to see me doing those things and finding a way to make it work," she continued.

Paquette only hinted at what the future might hold professionally. However, it seems occasional returns to WWE are certainly a strong possibility.

"So many of my friends are all in WWE," she said.

"There's definitely no reason for me to not pop up and do stuff, or not be part of stuff if they want to reach out and do some stuff," Paquette concluded, "Either it works or it doesn't work, but there's no obligation. I always have love for WWE."


Follow Renee Paquette on Twitter. You can listen to her full interview on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily below.

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