In an interview with Metro UK on the development of his character, WWE star Seth Rollins briefly touched upon an old rival of his, Bray Wyatt. While Rollins said he and Wyatt drew inspiration from different sources, he also indicated he still wished Wyatt was with WWE, who released Wyatt at the end of July.

“Bray Wyatt. God, I miss him,” Rollins said. “But I wouldn’t say that I drew much inspiration from him. He was way out there with the stuff he wanted to do character wise, and it worked for him. For me, not so much. That’s not really where I sit when it comes to characters in wrestling. but it worked well for him.”

Rollins then delved into the evolution of his character, from the Shield days to his face run to ‘The Messiah’ to his current run as the Drip King. Overall Rollins has had fun with where the character has gone.

“It’s a fun thing. It’s cool, it’s definitely been really interesting,” Rollins said. ‘The character’s in a weird place right now. I definitely take inspiration anywhere I can get it. So, when you look at the arc of my career, you’ll be able to see the whole picture I suppose. You mentioned that it’s really naturally evolved over the past couple of years. I would say even longer than that, to be fair.”

Rollins also delved into who he had drawn inspiration from the most. He gave the bulk of the credit to his former onscreen mentor turned WrestleMania opponent.

“Triple H is definitely someone that my character draws inspiration from,” Rollins said. “Obviously he played a major role in the beginnings of my character and what it’s become. But if you look at his career, his character always did the same thing, it evolved very naturally over the years. He was able to teeter back and forth to both ends of the spectrum.”