Arn Anderson On Why Cody Rhodes Was Booed On AEW Dynamite

AEW manager and wrestling legend Arn Anderson joined Busted Open Radio Friday to talk about his partnership with Cody Rhodes. Anderson was asked about the poor reception Rhodes received this past Wednesday on Dynamite for his match against Malakai Black. He offered up a theory as to why Rhodes was booed.


"I'm just speculating and I don't pretend a mind reader, but I'm trying to get into the head of a wrestling fan," Anderson said. "The most talented guy and the number one guy in Hollywood right now is The Rock. There's no disputing that, I'm talking as an actor. John Cena was a guy that had always stood and was dedicating 100% of his time to the fans, to the company, to the business. I feel like when he started doing movies and he was no longer with WWE, I think fans, possibly, not putting words in their mouth, may feel a little afraid that they got their support behind these guys, and then they got red hot and took off to Hollywood.

"I don't think that's the case. They earned everything they got and I think they deserve a chance, certainly Rock and Cena, to pursue other things. I think that may be 'okay, Cody's going to get red hot. He's going to do all these shows and he's not going to be around any more.' And I think they might feel a little bit, I don't want to say betrayed, but slighted a little bit."


The boos for Rhodes and a confrontation with the referee during the match have led to speculation about a possible Rhodes heel turn, something he himself has denied. Rhodes and Anderson also had a brief confrontation during the match, after Rhodes accidentally knocked Anderson off the ring apron.

As Anderson pointed out, Rhodes does have several Hollywood obligations in his future. The former two time TNT Champion is a judge on the game show The Go Big Show, which recently filmed its second season, and will star alongside his wife, Brandi Rhodes, in the new reality series Rhodes to the Top, premiering September 29 following AEW Dynamite.

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