Ring of Honor star Kenny King sat down with James Holder of Inside the Ropes to talk some wrestling. The topic of Bryan Danielson, who recently joined AEW, came up and King was asked who he would like to see Danielson wrestle with his newfound freedom. King commented on how much he’d like to face the AEW star while also suggesting a top Ring of Honor star and a worker Danielson has long expressed interest in wrestling.

“I would cut three fingers off to wrestle Danielson and I can see that match happening at some point,” King said. “Jonathan Gresham is this generation’s Bryan Danielson, no question. I praise him as much as you possibly can praise a guy because Jon Gresham is a guy who said, ‘Okay, I’m not as physically gifted as these other guys. What I’m going to do is I’m going to turn my turn myself into a freakin’ machine and an animal.’ Physically, every time he walks by me in locker room he’s like a little tank, walking by right? But just if you watch the way Jon wrestles and the time that he talks? I don’t know, man, he’s just so meticulous about the things that he does in that ring and he doesn’t waste any movement and he’s great. That would be an amazing match.”

King was also asked about the Forbidden Door, and expressed interest in seeing several talents from other promotions come into Ring of Honor. He also noted that WWE and ROH were among two of the promotions not involved in the Forbidden Door alliance, and suggested the two sides team up themselves, even if some in WWE are against the idea.

“Well, I mean there’s a lot of guys that I would like to see come into Ring Of Honor,” King said. “I mean, if we’re just fantasy booking I’d like love to do LFI versus The New Day, I think that would be an amazing match. I’d love to step in the ring with Kofi Kingston. I would like to see a guy like Eddie Edwards come home, you know? Eddie Edwards vs. Kenny King, Eddie Edwards vs. Jay Lethal and an Eddie Edwards Jay Briscoe match? I mean, those would be outrageous. I’d love to see a guy like Chris Bey, who selfishly is one of my students. I love him to death. I’d like to see a guy like Chris Bey come in and wrestle a guy like Bandido you know?

“The things that are happening now creating these amazing matches into creating these amazing kind of like, what can we do? I mean, to be fair, like the the only two teams that aren’t participating as much as they should are us and WWE. And I feel like maybe it’s about time, right? Maybe it’s about time to bridge over to start working with NXT or working with some of the guys on SmackDown because, you know, it’s just time, right? It’s just time for all of these things to kind of switch up and it feels like we’re entering into a new era of pro wrestling. So it’s like, ‘Why not just knock down some of the old stigmas and whatnot?’

“I mean, think about what the the buzz would be, just what the reciprocation would be if, you know, AJ Styles shows up to challenge Jay Lethal. Or MVP comes to rescue me from from getting beat down from Shane Taylor. Bobby Lashley against SOS, you know? So these are just things that that that make people go ‘wow,’ that would be amazing.’ And realistically it’s possible, there’s nothing that would stop it other than the regular old pro wrestling BS, which I feel like the people that want to survive, they’re gonna have to get over it.”

You can watch the full interview below.