Riddle Discusses His Relationship With Vince McMahon In WWE

One half of the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions, Riddle, joined Out of Character with Ryan Satin to talk about his penchant for occasionally drawing heat backstage with his coworkers. Riddle explained that while he has overstepped his boundaries on occasion, he's not looking to offend anyone. Rather, he sees wrestling as an appropriate field to talk trash.


"I am extremely confident, but I've also put the work in to be as confident as I am in what I say," Riddle said. "I do think Vince respects it. I think he likes me a lot, but I do think that I've overstepped my boundaries a couple times and he has definitely told me that I have. At the same time, I kind of look at it like this: I really don't mean to rub people the wrong way, but at the same time, we're in the world of professional wrestling and I talk trash. That's what I do, that's part of my job. And I feel that if I talk really good trash, people may get upset, but I just feel like I'm really good at my job.

"Me and Goldberg don't see eye to eye on some things, me and other superstars, not going to mention any names, really don't see eye to eye on some things. But to me, that's the beauty of sports entertainment. These differences, these qualms that we have is what's great about what we do. And the fact that we might actually have to work together one day and people know this, it makes what we do even bigger, more real and better if you ask me. And I think the fans agree as well."


On the subject of Goldberg, Riddle was asked if the two had buried the hatchet following having heat for several years. Riddle didn't entirely answer the question, but indicated the two now have a mutual respect for each other.

"This is what I'm going to say," Riddle said. "I know I said some things, like I said, I talk a lot of trash. But at the end of the day, when you get to know me, and even in passing or even working with other people, they're probably going to bring me up and talk about me. I'm not that bad. They understand what I'm doing eventually, they get it, or at least Goldberg, I believe, gets it. I think he also respects me and, if I'm being honest, I respect Goldberg. I respected him the whole time, it's just I'm not a huge fan of his style, his professional wrestling in the ring. I like his promos. I like his movies. I like his moves, he's really good at the Spear and Jackhammer when he does it. But I'm just not a fan of his technical wrestling.

"I respect his aura and respect what he brings to the game every time, I do. The crowd's up, everyone in the locker room is glued to the TV monitor, and I'm like, 'you can't train somebody for that. That's just somebody, that's just Goldberg.' And all those other guys, I think Bill respects me for my work, and my passion, and my drawing ability. And eventually, I'll get everyone else, those who shall not be named, I'll also get them on the bandwagon. I'll be honest, my whole life, because I've always been this way, people have loved me from the start or despised me. But usually people come around. Only time will tell, but I think we're going to get those matches. I think I'm going to get everything, to be honest. The way things are going, the responses I'm getting at every live event, we're doing things. So I'm very happy to be in the position I'm in right now."


Riddle was also asked about his relationship with WWE owner and chairman Vince McMahon. The RKBro member said things are good between them, though there is one thing he's seeking from Vince that he hasn't gotten yet.

"We do and we don't, if I'm being 100% honest," Riddle said on whether he and McMahon have a good relationship. "I've been on TV a lot, I work a lot. Vince sees me every week at least once, so he sees me and I've gotten a lot of handshakes. 'Good job, I love your stuff.' A lot of compliments. I've yet to receive a Vince McMahon hug. I was hoping I'd get one after SummerSlam, but not so much. I don't want to force – don't force it. He'll hug me when he's ready."

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