WWE star Zelina Vega sat down with Yahoo Sports to promote WWE’s return to Madison Square Garden tonight for Smackdown. The event comes one day before the 20th anniversary of September 11 terrorist attacks, a date Vega is tied to directly due to her father passing away during the attacks on the World Trade Center.

As such this will be an eventful weekend for Vega. The day after Smackdown, she will also take part in reading off the names of those who died in the attacks the next day in Manhattan, something she considers a duty to represent her father.

“I feel a sense of honor, a sense of pride,” Vega said. “Obviously we have the choice if we want to read names or not and I felt like this was the appropriate year to do it. I did it once before, when I was 13 years old, and it was a very big responsibility for someone so young. I also felt like I had a duty to represent my father. I feel the same thing for the 20th anniversary.”

Vega, who returned to WWE earlier this year, also talked about working in the Garden, a building she attended many times as a child with her father to watch wrestling matches. She believes this Smackdown will be an amazing moment for her given her past, and she intends to take the whole thing in.

“It’s weird because any time I have ever performed at Madison Square Garden, I looked for the spot that we would usually go to,” Trinidad said. “I don’t know how my dad was able to get as many tickets as he did, but my brother and I were able to scout out where we’d sit. [Tonight] is going to be one of those moments where I’ll have to take it in for a second because through all of the noise and everything going on, I owe it to myself to take it all in.”