2point0 Says Moment With Sting May Be What Led To Their AEW Contracts

Matt Lee and Jeff Parker of 2point0 were on a recent episode of the AEW Unrestricted podcast with Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone. Daniel Garcia recently took on CM Punk on Rampage, and 2point0 commented on Garcia's match with The Second City Saint.

"Yeah, just sitting there ringside watching it, you kind of know that you're seeing something like, 'oh, this is very, very good,' and then getting to watch it back, you see it," Parker said. "Punk, a pro's pro, an absolute pro's pro, did right by Daniel. Daniel did right by Punk, and it was one of those things. You never know how two people are gonna match up. The first time you touch, you just never know. It was just fun to be that close to see that match.

"Even that interview segment we did, the three box with Mark Henry, Punk could not have been cooler," Lee added. "He just said, 'Say whatever you want to say.' Nothing bothers him. 'Just say whatever you want and I'll just feed off of it.'"

2point0 made their AEW debuts in early August. They saw a quick rise as they took on a team of Eddie Kingston, Jon Moxley and Darby Allin with Sting in their corner. 2point0 described what it was like to be across the ring from Sting.

"It's really hard to actually put it into words to be quite honest because this is a guy most of us, most everybody on the roster, has grown up watching, and he's the icon, and that's not just some moniker that you put on to him," Parker noted. "This dude is, I mean, he's pro wrestling in a way. So when you get to stand across and you know you're about to mix it up, we've learned the hard way that when Sting's coming at you, it's on.

"You got to be ready," Lee stated. "This guy is a magnet. He's coming at you. He's there for a fight.

"So that awestruck moment doesn't last very long because you're about to get in a fight," Parker added. "He just wants to go.

"Wants to be in there. What a sweetheart too," Lee noted. "Sweetheart of a guy. I can't say enough good things about Sting, how nice and generous he's been with us."

Sting got physical during his encounter with 2point0 and even fired up after being put through a table by 2point0. Lee revealed what his goal was during the six-man tag match.

"Going into that match, that six-man tag, I wanted to somehow figure out a way to come face to face with Sting," Lee revealed. "As the match progressed, the planning of it, it turned out there was a perfect opportunity for it. Come face to face with Sting and have Darby take me out, and the cameraman is right over Sting's shoulder. It's a beautiful shot, and that GIF goes crazy. And I think that's what got us our jobs."

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