Brandi Rhodes On If She’s Concerned About Cody’s Workload

In an appearance on Busted Open Radio to promote Rhodes to the Top, AEW Chief Branding Officer Brandi Rhodes was asked if she had become concerned about the workload her husband, AEW star Cody Rhodes, had taken on. The answer was a resounding no, for both Cody and herself.

"No, I'm not concerned about him at all. And that's because I am the closest person to him," Rhodes said. "There are busier times in life and there are times where we kind of coast a little bit. This is the busiest time for both of us that it's ever been. You just have to learn how to adjust, and you have to give people grace for that adjustment period. I've been the most organized person I've ever known, forever. You tell me something, boom! I never forget a name, I never forget a face. Lately you could be in my face for twelve hours straight, and then I turn away and I look back and I don't remember you because my brain is screwed up from becoming a new parent. That's just what happens.

"So then you have to learn how to adjust and work from there. 'Okay, the things I was doing before aren't working now.' For instance, I am an old ass woman at heart and I write everything down in a planner, with pen and paper. I know that people from a newer generation are like 'what? There are planners?' But I used to do that and that was my way of making sure I had everything. Not anymore.

"Now I've got a digital planner on my phone, because the second somebody says something to me, I have to write, put it in the phone. And it has to be a fifteen minute alert beforehand. So if I don't do that, I do things like miss the PR call yesterday that was my phone call, and have a bunch of people on the phone just waiting for me. That's something that's not characteristic of me at all, but since having the baby, that is what I have to do. Otherwise, I will miss everything, every single time."

The question comes following some, including Cody's manager Arn Anderson and his sister, Teil Rhodes, worrying that Cody may be wearing too many hats between his numerous roles in and out of wrestling. For Rhodes, she believes that Cody will find the right balance after he adjusts accordingly.

"I think Cody is going through his adjustment period, and he needs to figure out what works best for him to kind of have his new normal," Rhodes said. "I'm just giving him his time to do it. I know a lot of the things I tell Cody that he's going to forget, I write down in my digital planner so I can remind him fifteen minutes before because I'm going to forget too."

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