EJ Nduka Says If The Forbidden Door Opens “I’m Walking Through Full Speed”

MLW star EJ Eduka, ak.a. Ezra Judge, was on a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Nduka signed with MLW this past summer, along with former Undisputed Era member Bobby Fish. Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman asked Nduka for his thoughts on Fish joining MLW alongside him..

"MLW's doing a good job at getting some of these free agents that are in the pool," Nduka noted. "Bobby Fish fits right in with what's going on here. The fighting style, the mixing the MMA and his wrestling, it'll be interesting to watch. I'm gonna be watching his match. Undisputed moved as a unit, so we always saw them as one. It's a brotherhood. Fish did get hurt, so that might have derailed a lot of the plans that they had for him. From my eyes, I always saw Undisputed as a unit, and they move well as one."

On the topic of factions, MLW has many of them such as Contra, Injustice and Team Filthy. Nduka commented on whether he plans on joining one of these factions or starting his own.

"The Judge is a lone mercenary," Nduka stated. "I am here to avenge. I'm not wanting to revenge, but I do avenge. I don't mind standing toe-to-toe with someone who sees eye-to-eye and sees the way that I see things, and helping out here and there. But for the most part, The Judge is a man alone."

Lee Moriarty has recently signed with AEW, and he has been announced for this year's MLW Opera Cup. The moves show more of a partnership with promotions, and Nduka spoke on if he's interested in passing through "the forbidden door".

"Without a doubt, if that door opens, I'm walking through full speed," Eduka said. "Any opportunity that presents itself, if it's something that is 'the forbidden door', why not? It's only going to help everybody. At this point, I don't see the benefit of being extremely exclusive because it just gets more eyes on the matches, more eyes on each promotion, and it gives more opportunities."

MLW will be introducing Azteca Lucha soon. Nduka commented on if he will find his way there.

"You guys know where to find me, Aztec Lucha. If you want your boy, I'm right here," Nduka asserted. "The Judge is as advertised. I don't die."

You can follow EJ on Twitter @EJTheJudge

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