Lio Rush Reveals His Dream AEW Opponents

In the Q&A section of Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show, new AEW signee Lio Rush was asked who were some of his dream matches now that he has joined AEW. He listed three of AEW's biggest stars and one of AEW's fastest rising young talents.

"The one that stuck out to me was Bryan Danielson," Rush said. "I would love to be in a ring with Bryan. I think we would have a really, really good match. Who else? I need that one on one with Kenny Omega. I need it. Anything that I do in life, I try to aim for the top. I think I'm more than capable of having some great matches with those guys. So yeah, why not? But even the younger guys, some of the younger guys that are part of the roster. Guys like Dante Martin. I would love to be in the ring with him. I feel like he's kind of guy that everyone's talking about, this new age of high flyers. So Dante Martin is definitely another guy that I would love to be in the ring with. And I think I'll cap it off with, I think it's only right to have a match, but start it off with some promos, with CM Punk."

Rush was also asked about the possibility of teaming with Martin, who he reached out to on the most recent episode of Dynamite. He said he would be open to it and continued to praise the 20 year old high flyer.

"We definitely would," Rush said when asked if he and Martin could click as a team. "I think Dante is super talented. He's so young. He is better than I was when I was his age. So I can only imagine where he's going to be in the next few years."

Finally Rush was asked about the possibility of being part of a faction in AEW. While he prefers to work alone, Rush didn't dismiss the possibility, though he explained he would prefer to build his own faction instead of just joining one.

"See this is hard, because I'm usually a ride solo kind of guy," Rush said. "But if I were to pick a faction, I think I'd want to build one myself. I wouldn't want to be in one that's already a thing. I think I would want to build one myself. And I guess I would have to do some recruiting, some studying and getting a better look at the AEW roster. So who knows? Maybe week by week I'll see who I'm a fan of and who I want to work with, and try to make it a thing in the future."

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