Renee Paquette Admits Jon Moxley Vs. Nick Gage “Scares The Sh-t Out Of Me”

AEW's Jon Moxley is known to work a violent style, but the current GCW World Champion turns it up to an 11 when he's inside a Game Changer Wrestling ring.

This Saturday, Mox defends his GCW Title against death match specialist Nick Gage at GCW Fight Club. While this is a dream match for fans of hardcore wrestling, Mox vs. Gage is more of a nightmare for Renee Paquette.


"I just kind of grit my teeth and bear with it," Paquette told Shakiel Mahjouri for MMA Mania. "I watch everything because I'm mostly keeping an eye to see what level of insanity we're really working with so I can yell at him once he gets back home. Because he scares the s–t out of me. Especially with a guy like Nick Gage. These two are going to absolutely push the envelope and do some terrifying things. But it's his expression of art so I get to enjoy it all."

Moxley and Paquette met in WWE, when they were known as Dean Ambrose and Renee Young, respectively. Despite being in the same industry, Mox and Paquette's roles within wrestling couldn't be more opposite. While Mox has dabbled a little in Paquette's field, as he briefly hosted his own talk show in WWE, Paquette has yet to dip her toes in the physical side of professional wrestling.


If Paquette ever did decide to step into the ring, Mox emphasized that he would be firmly in her corner.

"I'd be in the corner f–king screaming. Let's f–kin' go," Moxley replied. "I'd be up at 6 a.m. f–king running."

Paquette agreed she would need her husband in her corner, but added a couple of names from the MMA world that she'd like to have on her side.

"I feel like [Moxley's] s–t talking skills are something I need a little bit more. I just like his swagger for my entrance and feel like I can lean on him for that," Paquette said. "Josh Barnett chimed in on Twitter saying he thinks he can scrounge up enough change from the couch cushion for me for this fight that I'm conjuring up. I think he would be a great person. I think Miesha [Tate] would have to be the third, of course."

As for her entrance music, Paquette pointed to a couple of Freddie Mercury's most famous hits.

"I would always joke that my walkout music would be 'Bicycle Race' by Queen," Paquette said. "Maybe 'Under Pressure?' I feel like you can't go wrong with 'Under Pressure.' It's a crowd-pleaser. People can really get behind it."

Queen may be a crowd-pleaser for most, but not Mox.

"F—k, that's terrible," Moxley said of 'Under Pressure' being used as entrance music. "'Bicycle' is better than that s—t."


With entrance music and support down, all that's missing is an opponent. Paquette noted her match would have to be a celebrity encounter, and picked a notable Olympian figure skater to face off against.

"I would say celebrity crossover fight. I guess it should be a woman. I kind of liken this to Tonya Harding when she started boxing, so maybe I can get Tonya Harding to dust off her boxing gloves and we can go at it," Paquette said. "Not that we have any beef between us, to begin with, but because I'm basically modelling my pro-career off of her pro-fighting career."