Ruby Soho Talks The Favorite Part Of Her AEW Debut Match

AEW's Ruby Soho sat down with Inside the Ropes to discuss her short but memorable run in AEW thus far. Soho revealed that she joined AEW with built in good feelings due to her like of the product and the positive reaction it had gotten from friends of hers. Thus far, the experience has lived up to the hype.

"I kind of always had a good feeling (about AEW)," Soho said. "A lot of my friends had worked in AEW and they've always said wonderful things about it. To be honest, I'm waiting for something to go wrong, because it's too good to be true at this point. It's so rad and it's so much fun, and I love coming to work and everything like that. But they always had good things to say about it. I've always been a fan of the product. But the moment it was for sure 'this is where I'm meant to be' was All Out, when I debuted and I came out to the amazing reception in Chicago. It was after that where I was like 'this is where I'm meant to be. This is home for me for sure.'"

Soho famously made her AEW debut by winning the Women's Casino Battle Royale at AEW All Out back in September. She revealed she was nervous leading up to the moment she walked out, and is grateful to have gotten such a warm reception from the fans.

"I was so nervous," Soho said. "I had no idea how the crowd was going to respond to me. But I knew it was a really big night and I was worried. I hoped that they were going to welcome me with open arms. When they started to chant 'Ruby Soho!' prior to me ever coming out, it was real to me in that moment. I almost started crying. But it was everything that I wanted it to be and more. It was more than I expected. I was so nervous before that. It was just that crowd, that night, was such a special moment. It was probably the best moment in my career to date, because it was just like a culmination of eleven years of work that I had done. I had a lot of nervousness coming into it, and I was so grateful for all the fans for their warm welcome. It was awesome."

As for what was Soho's favorite part of the night, it wasn't her winning the match. The best moment, according to her, was when she got to celebrate in the ring right after with old friend and AEW official Bryce Remsberg, who she's known for years after they worked together in promotions like CHIKARA.

"My favorite part of that whole moment, to me, was that I won the match, I'm so excited and I saw a referee shirt. I was like 'please be Bryce,'" Soho revealed. "And I looked up and I saw Bryce's smiling face and I was just so happy. I was like 'hi Bryce.' And I just hugged him. I've known Bryce for a long time, I've known him since the independents. He's seen all the gradual advances in my career and all of the steps that I've taken to get to this point. He knew how hard I've worked to get here and how true and happy my emotions really were. To celebrate that with him in that moment was a memory I will literally cherish forever."

You can watch the full interview below.