Tommy Dreamer Returns To Busted Open Radio

Tommy Dreamer has returned to the Sirius XM airwaves. The former ECW World Champion resumed his co-hosting duties on Busted Open Radio this morning, his first appearance on the show since September.

Alongside host Dave LaGreca, Dreamer reviewed last night's NXT and, in a segment featuring former WCW wrestler Crowbar, paid tribute to the late Daffney, who passed away on September 1. The Busted Open podcast, which is posted shortly after the conclusion of the radio broadcast and contains only portions of the show, featured no mention of Dreamer's absence from the show, nor touched upon why his hiatus had ended.

Dreamer disappeared from Busted Open Radio following a series of controversial statements on Vice TV's Dark Side of the Ring episode on the notorious Plane Ride From Hell incident. During the episode, which aired on September 16, Dreamer defended Ric Flair, who was accused by flight attendant Heidi Doyle of committing sexual assault during the flight. Dreamer further downplayed the accusations of Doyle, insinuating she wasn't believable due to her settling a lawsuit with WWE over the incident out of court.

The following day, Impact Wrestling, where Dreamer works as a member of the creative team, suspended Dreamer indefinitely for his conduct. Several days later, LaGreca announced on Busted Open Radio that Dreamer would not be appearing on the program for the foreseeable future, and that his remarks would not be tolerated. To date, he has not returned to Impact, though Dreamer promoted Impact's Bound for Glory event on social media this past weekend.

Also co-hosted by Bully Ray and AEW performer Mark Henry, Busted Open Radio is known for promoting their shows throughout the day on social media. It is notable, on the day that Dreamer returned, that Busted Open did not promote his appearance on Twitter, and only mentioned Dreamer when posting the link to the podcast version.