Tyler Breeze Reveals AEW Moment Reignited His Love For Pro Wrestling

WWE veteran Breezus, f.k.a. Tyler Breeze, was on a recent episode of Into The Danger Zone with Chris Denker. Breeze opened up about his WWE release and talked about his plans going forward. Breeze has made some appearances for signings, and Denker asked Breeze if he were to retire today, would he be satisfied with his career? Breeze then revealed the AEW moment that reignited his passion for pro wrestling.

"I think so. If I look back at what I've actually done, and not even just myself but the the guys that I've gotten to wrestle, and the things I've gotten to do, and all the matches that I've been able to have with these really great people, I think I can definitely hang my hat on that and go, look man, I don't need to sit here and tell you that I'm good, or you should come get trained by me, or I was in a certain category, whatever," Breeze said. "Just watch the stuff that I've done and decide. If you're entertained by the stuff I do, fantastic. My job is compete. If you watch it and you're like, man, 'I wish there was more, I wish there was this.' Cool man, that's awesome. It's okay.

"There's too much of a good thing. It's okay that you end up wanting more. I like that feeling, but overall, my career, I've been very, very lucky on how it turned out. I've been very lucky on the matches I've been able to have. I've had an absolute blast wrestling around the world. If there is still more in me will be another question, especially the pandemic era, if we're calling it that. Wrestling in front of nobody kind of soured me a little bit on some things. I remember I was literally mid match with Tony Nese, and we're having a match.

"I'm enjoying it, and we're both laying there or something, and I turned to him and I went, 'Man, I feel if a crowd was here, they'd be into this. And the fact that there's no crowd here, I feel ripped off.' I need it. This is why we do this is so that people are entertained, and it kind of soured me. Crowds kind of slowly started coming in, and I got a little bit of that, but definitely, what kind of sparked it again was watching [Adam] Cole debut on AEW.

"When he came out, dude, hearing people go nuts and people go crazy and everything else, I went, 'Oh, that's why we do this.' Luckily, being a member of Da Party, I was a privileged person who did know, and when he told us, I literally went, 'Oh, now I have to turn it on and watch. Not only do I want to support my friend, but the people are gonna lose their mind, and I love it."

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