Xavier Woods On Which Former WWE Superstar He Wishes Was There For His KOTR Win

With his King of the Ring victory at WWE Crown Jewel, Xavier Woods has added another milestone for the New Day stable between himself, Kofi Kingston and WWE Champion Big E. In an interview with the New York Post, Woods talked about being congratulated by Big E right after his victory on Thursday.

"I got to see E. Kofi unfortunately was not here, but I'll see him very, very soon," Woods said. "E's match was next, so yeah, just waiting there with a big old hug and his heavyweight title around his waist ready to go out and do some damage. It was fantastic to be able to see him. There really was like one other person I wish was here and he knows I'm thinking about him."

Who was this person Woods wished was there? He revealed it was none other than a member of UpUpDownDown's DaParty and a former WWE star.

"Tyler Breeze," Woods said.

One of Woods' closest friends, Breeze was one of the many WWE stars released from the company during 2021. Woods talked about how much their friendship meant and how he wished Breeze had been there to share the moment. He will instead have to settle for a phone call.

"That's my guy," Woods said. "We were in developmental all the way together. We lived together. We were like attached at the hip for so long and everything that I've done in my career he's been there and was right next to me when I did everything. I was there next to him and we did everything. That's somebody that I wish was able to be here and share this with me. But I'm going to go call him right now after I go call the family. Call the wife and kids, let them know they're royalty, too."