Becky Lynch Wants WWE Survivor Series Matches To Have Stakes

Becky Lynch recently spoke with Vicente Beltran of ViBe & Wrestling about the upcoming Survivor Series PPV. The Man will compete against Charlotte Flair on the show in a Raw vs. SmackDown match. However, Lynch admitted that having something on the line would be beneficial, as she gave her thoughts on the brand supremacy angle.


"That would be helpful. Yeah, the old brand supremacy is a little outdated, I don't know. But at the same time, we are all competitors and so you always want to be the best in whatever it is, whatever carrot they dangle," Lynch said."You always want to be the best, whether it's the winner gets a freaking banana, you're like, 'well I want that freaking banana, I want to prove that I deserve that banana.' So, you always want to be the best so I think whatever the logic is, you can make it work when you're a competitive human, which we all are. You don't get to WWE if you're not competitive."

Becky Lynch also spoke about her memories of this iconic PPV as a child. The Raw Women's Champion admitted it wasn't one she would watch a lot, mainly because it wasn't readily available in Ireland for free.


"I don't know what my first memory of Survivor Series is," Lynch confessed. "It's one of those things where, when I was younger we weren't watching the PPVs because we didn't have the money to buy PPVs. So most of my Survivor Series knowledge came from my teenage years when I would get the DVDs and the videos and watch old PPVs. That was one of those things where I think one of the only PPVs we used to get when I was a kid was the Royal Rumble. We only had a few that would come on, I think it was Channel Four or YouTV or something. So we would stay up until two in the morning. But Survivor Series wasn't one of those ones that we would get for free."

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