Bobby Lashley On Advice He Recently Gave To New WWE Recruit Gable Steveson

Former WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley recently spoke with Planeta Wrestling about the upcoming Survivor Series PPV. He was asked about the possibility of The Hurt Business facing The Bloodline, which he thinks they'd dominate. Yet Lashley continued and teased the possibility of his faction getting involved in the current storyline between The Bloodline and The New Day.

"We will win that one for sure. But I think right now at Survivor Series, Big E and Roman already have a match set and I just watched SmackDown last night and I saw The Bloodline kind of jump on Kofi and Xavier," Lashley said. "So, I think that we might see The New Day vs. The Bloodline at Survivor Series. But, who knows, there's always opportunities for The Hurt Business to jump in."

Lashley also spoke about one of WWE's newest signings, Gable Steveson. The Hurt Business star revealed he has actually spoken with Steveson recently after he reached out for some advice from him.

"I mean good for him. I was an amateur wrestling growing up and he's an Olympic champion and he's just shattered everything," Lashley claimed. "Being so young, I told that kid, because he called me a while back and he asked me for some advice and I was like, 'man, just keep your head on, don't get into trouble, keep doing the same way you're doing and you're going to be a very wealthy man.'"

Finally, Bobby Lashley spoke about his current goals in WWE right now. He revealed that the only thing he is interested in at the moment is becoming WWE Champion once again.

"Absolutely, that's the only thing that I am focused on, I don't even care about anything else," Lashley stated. "If anybody else steps in my way from getting there, they're getting smashed. Right now, I am just on a whole different level of thinking and everything, my training is going good, everything is going great."

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