As a guest on Sportskeeda’s UnSKripted Show, EC3 spoke about his time in NXT and how it was short-lived. The former NXT superstar mentioned his favorite moment being on the brand and also added his favorite “memory” while being with the main roster.

“I think my favorite memory from NXT would probably be the satisfaction from the ladder match for the North American Championship upon coming to the back where Triple H and Shawn were there,” EC3 said. “They were super happy and that was kind of a vindication for my long journey back there. So what sucked about it is that I started at my peak. First thing, it was an awesome, awesome moment but that’s something I’ll never forget. I’ll never forget walking the streets of New Orleans, drinking jungle juice and fans are all over the place, slapping us on the back and it was just a good night. That match was probably my favorite memory in WWE. I purposely went to my therapist to have him erase from my mind the eternal sunshine of the spot that was mine. I have no recollection of anything that took place in the WWE, even the romance angle with Alexa Bliss.”

The former IMPACT star made news this week after several WWE talents were released including his friend Drake Maverick. EC3 posted a tweet in response to Maverick’s post about his release saying “told you”, which also got a reaction from John Cena.

EC3 also spoke about being called up from NXT after a brief stint with the brand. During a recent interview, he stated that his WWE career was done after he got the call-up and was positioned in a love story with Alexa Bliss. The former IMPACT Wrestling star said he was trying to introduce his current “change the narrative” character into NXT but once that happened he was quickly called up and it ruined plans.

“Whose idea it was? Whoever’s in charge,” EC3 said. “ ‘We need new people, I don’t know, him, him and her.’ That’s probably how it went, I don’t think there was any rhyme or reason for it. Would I personally have loved a longer run in NXT? Yeah, I was definitely trying to change who I was and get out of the character who I was instead of rehashing the past. I always like to move forward and try new things and go into the future.

“So what you see out of the essential character through the narrative that was in IMPACT, ROH, what I’m doing now and what I do on my own to create my own wrestling world is what I tried to be and what I was pitching. But instead, I got called up so… I think that being fleshed out with some rhyme and reason and stories behind it, and then running that through NXT would’ve been huge, would’ve been cool. But then I fell in love with Alexa Bliss and that disappeared.”

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