Hangman Page Comments On His AEW Storyline Changing A Lot

Hangman Page defeated Kenny Omega on last night's AEW Full Gear to become the new AEW World Champion. Page joined the post-show media scrum to answer questions about taking time off to start a family and how plans frequently changed for him over the past couple years.

"My wife and I have been together for a long time," Page began. "I was in the Bullet Club, I was traveling to Japan. Then you want to start a family, 'Is now the time? Well, no, I'm busy.' Then AEW started and I thought, 'Well, I might win this championship on the first go around. So is now the right time? No, I'm busy.' Then we came by the answer that there's never a right time. There never will be.

"We were ready to start a family and I'm very fortunate and thankful for Tony [Khan] for letting me — literally in what felt like the hottest run of my career — to go back home and take some time and be at home. I ended up staying home a little bit longer than I intended to and I am just extremely grateful for the opportunity to do that."

Hangman Page then talked about how due to the pandemic and injuries, plans had to be adjusted along the way for his lengthy story.

"Oh my God, everything," Page laughed when asked about what plans changed. "Well, we in 2020 had a global pandemic. We lost our crowds. Guys were out with injuries. There were just so many things. I couldn't even count them all. If you had known what we may have wanted to do two or three years ago, it wouldn't even remotely match up to where we are today. To me, that is the brilliance of wrestling — you just roll with the punches. Every Wednesday, it would be something new, 'Oh my God, what are we going to do about this?'"

After Page got the win over Omega, he said something to the former champion in the ring. When asked about it, Page declined to reveal what was said.

You can check out the entire post-AEW Full Gear media scrum in the video below. Also, here are reactions from the wrestling world to Page winning the title.

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