Jordynne Grace Has Her Dog Returned Following A Terrifying Mix-Up

Jordynne Grace went through a difficult situation yesterday which saw her pet dog, Bernie, be given to somebody else. Grace had taken her dog to the groomers in order to have a haircut, but somehow the company ended up giving her dog to a different client.

Grace wrote: "I am in complete shock right now. @PetSmart groomers GAVE OUR F*CKING DOG TO SOMEONE ELSE."

Thankfully, the terrifying situation had a happy resolution as the groomers were able to contact the person who had taken Jordynne Grace's dog. They brought her back and she was reunited with her rightful owner.

Grace wrote the following tweet in order to keep fans updated with the situation: "Update: they found/called the lady who took her and she's on the way back. Literally too relieved to be angry anymore."

A fan had asked her why the other customer simply took her dog without questioning it or knowing if it was hers in the first place. However, Grace revealed that she was unaware of how that ended up happening as the company wouldn't let her talk to the other person involved in the incident.

However, even though she got the dog back, the Impact Wrestling star was not happy with the work that the groomers did. She shared before and after photographs of her dog with the caption: "Update: got Bernie back...but I should still call the cops for how they did my baby girl."

Of course, this was an upsetting situation for her, as it would be for any pet owner. Grace also revealed on social media that this isn't the usual company that she uses for grooming her dog, and considering how it played out, it's unlikely she will be back.

You can see Jordynne Grace's tweets from her difficult day below, as she chronicled the events on Twitter: