Kevin Owens Says Vince McMahon Signed Off On Him Returning To WWE NXT

Kevin Owens recently spoke with talkSPORT where he discussed how he had a return to NXT planned. Owens, who has recently joined the RAW brand, returned for a one-off appearance back in 2019 where he got to compete inside of WarGames.

However, prior to that, he revealed there were concrete plans for him to go to NXT for a long run and then return to the main roster, similar to what Finn Balor recently did. However, those plans ended up being changed.

"Before I did the WarGames return, there were concrete plans for me to go back to NXT for an extended period before coming back to the main roster," Kevin Owens said. "At the time, Paul Heyman was in charge on RAW, and those were just plans we had. Vince [McMahon] had signed off on all of them, and eventually, he changed his mind and nothing happened."

Owens spoke in further detail about why the move back to the black and gold brand was stopped. He revealed that ultimately, everything comes down to what Vince McMahon says, and WWE went in a different direction because of that.

"That's all it comes down to, what he says goes," Owens claimed. "It wasn't something I had just floated about, it was a plan that was going to happen and they just went in a different direction."