Matt Cardona Gives Major Update On The Future Of The Hype Bros

Matt Cardona was a guest today on The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he spoke about working with Mojo Rawley in WWE. The two men created The Hype Bros together, but it is not a period of time that Cardona looks back upon fondly, admitting it is a career-low.

The GCW star concedes that it was a lower moment for him than when he was pushed off the stage in a wheelchair by Kane. Making it clear that they will not be teaming up again anytime soon.

"It's a career-low. That's definitely below (being pushed on the stage by Kane), the worst thing ever in my career. I wouldn't bring The Hype Bros anywhere. Dean Muhtadi as a human being, love him. Mojo, hate him," Cardona revealed. "Tough sh*t, not happening. He can come backstage and hang out in my private dressing room, but we will not be in front of the people on camera together ever again."

It isn't just Mojo Rawley that Matt Cardona doesn't want to team up with though. When asked whether or not fans could see him and Effy, who he's feuded with recently and dressed up as for Halloween, as partners he made it clear that he isn't interested in any tag team wrestling at the moment.

"No. I don't see that, I don't want to be a tag team wrestler for GCW," Cardona claimed. "I've already won the Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania. So why continue? Just like, I dethroned the king, I won the GCW title, so why do another deathmatch?"

Cardona then discussed how he is always able to come back no matter how many times he is counted out. Believing that nobody has done it more times than him in wrestling history.

"Ten years ago, I was ahead of the curve and now 10 years later, I've reinvented myself again, it's unprecedented," he stated. "This is a shoot right from the hip baby, there is nobody in this business that has been counted out by either management, the fans, whoever, more times and have come back, than me."

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