MJF Says People Do Not Watch AEW For The “Ex-WWE Talents”

AEW star MJF sat down with Hollywood Life to promote AEW's upcoming Full Gear PPV this Saturday. His contract was brought up several times during the interview, specifically how much MJF will change wrestling by the time his contract expires in 2024. According to the man himself, he's already changed the business.


"I think it is very clear that I have changed professional wrestling because before I got involved in professional wrestling, there was only one show in town," MJF said. "And now, due to my talents and me being an incredibly intriguing attribute, my company, look, people are tuning into AEW not to see some of these ex-WWE talents, as great as they are. People are tuning in for MJF, a guy who has only been on worldwide TV for two, two and a half years? And if that doesn't scream change, I don't know what does. And what people should be screaming is 'thank you' to me."

One of MJF's goals is to eventually win the AEW World Championship, and he was asked how it would reflect his legacy if he never won one. He pointed to one of his idols, Roddy Piper, not winning a world title, and how he hopes to correct that. If he can't do it in AEW, MJF revealed he was willing to do it elsewhere.


"I am in this business to fix that wild injustice that occurred," MJF said. "The fact that Roddy Piper was never a world champion goes to show you how sick and twisted in the head that everybody he worked with or associated with was. I felt that Roddy Piper was held down, and he was not allowed to be in the position he should have been in. I am not going to allow that to happen to me. I feel that if my company is not giving me the matches that I deserve and not giving me the proper spot, there are always other places for me to go. My contract is coming up in 2024."

MJF is scheduled to wrestle Darby Allin at Full Gear in a grudge match.