AEW star Malakai Black (fka Aleister Black) and Buddy Matthews (fka Buddy Murphy) renewed their rivalry in a hard-hitting match Saturday night at the WrestleCade event in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The match received a lot of praise from fans and wrestlers alike, and it appears Paul Heyman was impressed as well. On Sunday, Matthews shared a photo from the match along with the caption, “@HeymanHustle would be proud!”

In his response, Heyman stated how he would never let “promotional boundaries” limit his adulation for talented pro wrestlers:

Great talent will always find a way to showcase their abilities. I am, indeed, quite proud, and never let “promotional boundaries” limit that and those who inspire my admiration.

It’s been widely reported that Heyman was a strong supporter of both Black and Matthews during his time as the Executive Director of RAW. Heyman reportedly had plans for Black to win the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble Match and challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36. However, those plans were nixed after Vince McMahon opted to push Drew McIntyre instead.

Once Heyman was removed from his position in June 2020, WWE’s creative team reportedly struggled to find a meaningful spot for Black on the card, which led to the current AEW star being temporarily written off TV.

Meanwhile, following his WWE release, Matthews revealed to Chris Van Vliet that he pitched an idea to be Paul Heyman’s associate on SmackDown. Murphy said his pitch was not be a part of Roman Reigns’ Bloodline stable, but to work as Heyman’s hired gun: “I don’t take orders from Roman but I do his bidding because Heyman asked me… I’d be like a Judge Dredd, so I was going to be a mixture. Big Boss Man, Judge Dredd for Heyman.”

According to Matthews, Heyman, The Usos and Triple H were all supportive of his idea. However, those plans never came to fruition. Both Black and Matthews were released by WWE on June 2 this year.

Heyman’s tweet can be seen below.

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