Samuray Del Sol Responds To Chris Jericho’s Criticism

Samuray Del Sol, f.k.a. Kalisto, responded to Chris Jericho after receiving criticism for a tweet where he referenced the late Brodie Lee. Del Sol took to Twitter and wrote, "My emotions got the best of me carnal."

Del Sol made his debut with All Elite Wrestling this week on AEW Dynamite, teaming with Aerostar to take on FTR for the AAA World Tag Team Titles. However, that didn't end up being the biggest talking point for him.

As previously reported, the former WWE Superstar had taken to Twitter to state that he had prayed to the late Brodie Lee before competing, noting that he was forever in his heart.

"Prayed and talked to John(Brodie lee) before my match," Del Sol tweeted. "Thank you for showing me your home @AEW
and giving me the strength and energy I need it today 🙏🏼 forever your in my heart Hermano..."

However, Del Sol received backlash for the post due to the fact he misspelled Lee's real name. Del Sol wrote "John" the correct spelling is "Jon".

Both Jericho and Amanda Huber (Lee's wife) took to social media to comment on the situation, with the former AEW World Champion simply stating that he spelled the name wrong. Meanwhile, Huber noted that there is no excuse to spell it wrong if you are name-dropping.

You can see the full exchange below: