Xavier Woods Wants To Work With AEW Star On New G4 Show

In a new interview with CinemaBlend, WWE's current King of the Ring, Xavier Woods, went into more detail about his upcoming involvement with the G4 Channel.

The G4 gaming network, originally on cable TV from 2002 to 2014, is set to launch on streaming platforms and cable channel lineups sometime in 2022. The show Xavier Woods is involved with remains untitled, however, the idea has been described as a competition series between some of the biggest content creators from YouTube and Twitch.

When it comes to other guests on the show, Woods thinks it would be intriguing to have people from other pro wrestling companies be featured. In particular, he hopes to bring back his close friend, AEW star Adam Cole, who was once a part of the WWE video game group "Da Party".

"I don't know. I'm hoping that it's not [out of the question to bring in wrestlers outside WWE] because I think that it would be a great opportunity to show that when people sit down and break bread together from different places, everybody can win.

"I'm not sure the ins and outs of things like that, but I am definitely hoping that we see a little bit of (holds up Adam Cole t-shirt) — some of that. So if we can re-link up with some Da Party stuff, that'd be great."

Da Party included Xavier Woods, Cole, Tyler Breeze, and Cesaro playing video games regularly as they streamed the content on YouTube and Twitch. Since the program is WWE-affiliated and Adam Cole is now competing in AEW, Cole hasn't been able to interact with his former video game stable on camera. Tyler Breeze also departed from WWE, but the same restrictions have not applied to him since he has not signed with another pro wrestling company.

All 4 members of Da Party have maintained individual video game streaming accounts since splitting as a collective unit. Cesaro, Xavier Woods, and Breeze will often resort to playing games as a trio under the circumstances.