Brian Myers Recalls MJF’s Dad Telling Him “He’s Your Problem Now”

Brian Myers was today's guest on The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he spoke about a range of topics. Including his memories of training a young MJF at his Create A Pro school when he first started.

"He's a year one guy. His story is not really that out there," Myers said. "But he was supposed to play college football and I think he did a couple of days of the training camp and got in his car in the middle of the night and just blew it off and told his parents he wanted to be a wrestler, that was his real dream.

"My version of the story is that his dad kind of just walked him into the school and was like, 'he's your problem now, he's just f**cked off college and I'm kind of pissed.' But that being said, he always worked his ass off, always a natural athlete," he admitted. "I'll never forget the first time we did promo class, he went after a real low-hanging fruit, like a fellow class member. And just absolutely slayed him the first time I ever saw him do a promo and I was like, there's something to this guy."

MJF has recently begun a storyline with CM Punk and Brian Myers touched on that as well. He admitted that it is a perfect combination.

"I think it's a perfect combination putting them two together," he said. "The old-timer and the up and comer. They both love to run their mouth, I think it's going to be a lot of fun for wrestling fans. Especially in the payoff."

Hausman asked Myers if CM Punk has impressed him since returning to pro wrestling to which he quickly said, "Not necessarily, no."

Myers was then pressed about what he thinks Punk can be doing better, "I don't have the answer to that. To not wrestle for seven years has got to be a huge burden. The longest I ever was of in my career was the four months everything shut down for Covid and I shut Create A Pro down and everything. The first time I went back I had a very, what I thought, very simple practice. I woke up the next day thinking I was Mick Foley and I was thrown off the cell. I thought my career was over, that's how much of a toll it took on my body. Punk is older than I am, so it can't be easy what he's trying to do. But I'm sure it's just going to take time and reps. The calcifying of his body and his lungs and all the stupid things that pro wrestlers do."

Brian Myers also spoke about his new podcast, Extreme Conversations, which sees him looking back at notable ECW moments with many of the top names from the promotion. He admits that this is something he has wanted to do for a long time.

"To be completely transparent, it's under the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast umbrella, network. Matt Cardona, my partner, knew that he wanted to do this retrospective of his YouTube show, 10 year anniversary. Great concept, very simple, dissecting week by week ten years to the day when these episodes occurred," he said. "I was kind of like, well I have to do my share of this.

"I've had this idea for such a long time and I pushed so many ECW guys to do it, 'why won't you do it, why won't you do it?' Then one day I just said you know what, 'F it, I can do it myself.' I have all these guys, I've become friends with them, they're at my fingertips, on my Rolodex here, I can make this happen. Along the lines of what you said, Conrad would be exceptional at this and he's an ECW fan as well. I think he was just looking for the right guy because that's how he operates," Myers said. "But I'm like, 'there is no right guy. We need to get all the guys here.' That's what made this so unique and so successful so far.

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